Shadow Suite

Shadow Suite is a Privacy Society phone exclusive for our professional and executive phones.

For details on how to use the Shadow Suite, refer to the Book of Privacy.

Shielded Phone Number

A virtual phone number is mapped to your real phone number so you never give out your actual phone number.


You can recycle your virtual/shield number anytime and not have to change your real phone number.

Voice and Text
Voice and Texting

Shielded numbers work for voice calls and texting. Receive calls and text to your shielded number anytime.

Why Shadow Suite?

Use Shadow Suite to keep your real phone number private.

Shadow Number

Shadow numbers available with most state and provincial area codes.

Recyclable Numbers

Numbers can be recycled periodically when required.

No Message Retention

All text messages are purged after redirected to real phone number.

Longer Shadow

Q2 2024 - Up to 5 shadow numbers can be mapped to a single real phone number.

Shadow Meet

Q2 2024 - Shadow Meet allows video calls without any tracking.


Protect your real number. Hackers can use real phone numbers to attack phones.

Shadow Suite Transparency

Transparency is where Big Tech fails. Let’s be open with each other.

As texting and voice conversations are inherently insecure and not private, we want you to understand where we fit in keeping your real number private. The following items are things you need to be aware of before using Shadow Suite.

The Cost

  • Shadow Suite is only for our professional and executive phones. Its currently a Privacy Society phone exclusive.
  • There is a monthly fee for Shadow Suite. Privacy Society phones (professional and executive) come with 1 year Basic service for free. All pre-orders before December 31, 2023 will get 2 years free.
  • Our Basic service will be $9.99 USD a month or less after it expires. We are hoping we can offer it to Privacy Society members for $4.99 USD, but we still are doing the math.
  • The pricing for Shadow Suite Pro and Shadow Meet has not been determined but we are aiming that pre-orders will get it for free or a very attractive price.


In order to use Shadow Suite, we have to forward all your text messages and voice calls that your Shadow Number receives to your real number.

This means:

  • We have your real phone number.
  • Our server sees all sent/received text messages, but deletes them after we relay them. We do not store them.
  • All calls made to the Shadow Number are logged, but we purge the logs daily.
  • The service we use to power the Shadow Suite is Microsoft Azure and Twilio.
  • We do not record or store the voice conversations, the phone calls are basically forwarded and never stored.
  • Shadow Suite requires you to have a data and text plan. The phone needs data to use Shadow Suite.
  • To add a further layer of privacy on your Shadow Number you might want to buy a SIM card with cash and pay your telco via a pre-paid credit card that you bought with cash. This may not be an option in some jurisdictions as “Need to Know Your Customer” laws require ID or even a passport. Privacy is truly degrading.

Shadow Suite Use Case

Shadow Suite is to protect your real number. If a hacker or state agency knows your real number, they can directly attack your phone and query location information. By having a Shadow Number, that number belongs to a server thus direct phone attacks on the Shadow number do not work and reduces tracking options from nefarious actors. We know that all texts and phone records are already stored by your service provider and given to governments anytime for any reason. We recommend only using texting (regular or with Shadow Suite) for non sensitive conversations. Anything you want private and secure use your favorite privacy focused communications app like Inner Circle, Session or Signal.


The features we are adding in 2024 are:

  • Multiple Shadow Numbers. We will offer a service that multiple shadow numbers can be mapped to one real phone number. This way you can have a number for your family, one for the mechanic and one for your lawyer, for example. You can recycle any of those numbers without changing your real phone number.
  • Shadow Meet – We are building a service that spins up a new video server for each video call. True private video calls. The server is deleted after the call.
  • Web management option. We want to make a little web interface, so you pick the shadow numbers you want to map. Making it easer to manage your Shadow Numbers.


If you have questions about the lifecycle of your data with Shadow Suite or the Shadow Suite roadmap please contact us anytime.

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