Privacy OS

Privacy OS is based on open source Android that has no software tracking.

For details on the Privacy OS, refer to the Book of Privacy.

No Tracking
No Software Tracking

There is no tracking or telemetry that is sent to us when using our phones.

Android 13

Privacy OS is a tweaked version of Lineage OS. We made changes to make it work better on our phones and easier setup.

No Google
No Google

Our version of Android does not contain the proprietary Google code and tracking.

Why Privacy OS?

Even if you use secure and private apps on your Google, Samsung or Apple phone they still track many aspects of your digital life.

Open Android 13

The OS is based on Android before Google proprietary software is added.

Few Notifications

Minimal notifications for digital detox. Notifications do not go through Google servers.

No Cloud Backup

We do not store your photos or contacts on our servers. If you want to back them up, consult the Book of Privacy.

No Accounts Required

The phone and app store do you need accounts from Google, Apple or Microsoft.

Anonymous App Store

No user accounts needed to install apps from the Privacy Society App Store.

Private DNS

Your web and app domain name server requests are private and do not use your telecom's or Google's servers.

Join the Privacy Society Discussion

Subscribe to our privacy related conversations. We will not sell your email address. Masked and temporary emails welcome. We do not use any third-party tracking on our Substack.