Inner Circle

Inner Circle can be found in our exclusive Privacy Society App Store.

For details on how to create your Circle of Trust with Inner Circle, refer to the Book of Privacy.

Privacy made easy
Privacy Made Easy

Our goal is to make privacy and security easy for everyone. Not just for techies, those with massive IT departments, or hacker friends.

No personal information
No Personal Information

A phone number or email address is not required. It also has a disappearing messages option for sensitive conversations.

Based on Session

We are 100% compatible with Session so you can talk with friends and family on Android and iOS.

Why Inner Circle?

Use Inner Circle so your communications can be as private as taking a walk in the woods.

Anonymized Accounts

With no central server, chats and data cannot be tracked or sold to intrusive third-parties.

IP Address Protection

IP addresses are never exposed to the person you're talking to or the servers holding your data.

Decentralized Servers

No data breaches and no central point of failure.

No Phone or Email

No private personal information needed. No phone number or email address to sign up.

Disappearing Messages

Messages can be set to be permanently deleted after a specified time.

Individual or Group Chat

Communicate one on one or with a group.

Join the Privacy Society Discussion

Subscribe to our privacy related conversations. We will not sell your email address. Masked and temporary emails welcome. We do not use any third-party tracking on our Substack.