Our Privacy Phones

Privacy Titan Pro

Privacy Pro

  • De-Googled Pixel 6a
  • Privacy OS
  • Hide in Plain Site
  • Inner Circle Chat
  • Shadow Suite (1 Year)
  • Privacy App Store
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The Executive

Privacy Mini Pro

  • Perfect Second Phone
  • Privacy OS
  • Inner Circle Chat
  • Shadow Suite (1 year)
  • Privacy App Store
  • Private Support
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  • Phone for Youngsters
  • Privacy OS
  • App Store Parental Lock
  • No Social Media
  • Inner Circle Chat
  • Small (3.7" x 1.9" x 0.64")
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Privacy for Non-Techies

Everyone has the right to private communications.


Privacy and security are not only for the technical elite or big companies.


Your digital life should be private unless you explicitly share it. You should not be the product, you should be in control of your digital footprint!


The Privacy Society was formed to help every person achieve a private and balanced digital lifestyle.

Our Book of Privacy is a free eBook on how to use the unique privacy features of our phones. It also acts as a guide to help you on your privacy and digital wellness journey.

Privacy Phones

Digital Life Balance

Instead of trying to maximize the amount of time you spend on a phone, we go back to basics and focus on communications and enhancing your life while mobile.

This phone could be a second phone for your private life, used for only communicating with your Inner Circle, or a first step to leave the digital noise behind.

No Social Media

There is no social media installed to help leave the noise behind

Back to Basics

A phone used to communicate with only those that matter most

Minimal Notifications

Reduced notifications for digital detox which supports living in the moment

Inner Circle

Private chat for family, friends, and business contacts

No Software Tracking

Increases battery life and reduces network usage

Focus Time

Reduces the distractions of constantly being connected to a large array of apps


For the Whole Family

Our phones have the whole family in mind. From industry popular phones, mini phones for the youngsters, and rugged phones for adventures. All your activities are privately shielded from the data collection of Big Brother and Big Tech, eliminating your family from feeding the algorithm.

The phones have no social media. Ideal for youngsters that only need to connect with parents and guardians.

Designed for those looking for a digital diet or digital wellness.


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